Summer Food Fest with Union Square Aberdeen ?>

Summer Food Fest with Union Square Aberdeen

The Summer Food Fest has arrived at Union Square Aberdeen.  Fantastic discount and offers can be seen throughout the school holidays (4th July – 15th August) which you can find out all about on the Union Square Plus App.   You can download it on the Apple App Store or Android Google Play. David and I were invited along to Nandos, Union Square to try out their Fino Platter. A whole flame-grilled spatchcock PERi-PERi Chicken, served with Sweet Potato Wedges, Fino…

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Aging like a fine wine (and wizard school) ?>

Aging like a fine wine (and wizard school)

Yesterday was my 28th birthday.  For some reason I’ve always had it in my head 28 was going to be a good year.  It’s never bothered me getting older, but maybe because I’m happier, more confident and good things are happening in my life.  My sister shared this photo on my Facebook yesterday.  Which shows even as a little kid I didn’t know what I wanted in my life.  Did I want to be princess Jasmin or an old lady?…

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So what’s new? ?>

So what’s new?

So what have I been up to lately? Last year I won a competition through Thomson Holiday’s Facebook page for a holiday, so we headed to the Barcelo Teguise Beach resort in Lanzarote for a much needed relaxing break! I was unsure at first if we knew how to “relax” but 6/7 days were successfully spent either by the pool, by the beach, in bars or in the room.   With this view it was hard not to relax. On…

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A life changing weekend ?>

A life changing weekend

It’s been a while since I’ve written here but I’ve been keeping myself busy. A few months ago I signed up for a challenge through Elevator UK., where all I knew was what I had read online; On the Elevator Challenge 2016, your team building and leadership skills will be tested and developed through participation in physical and mental activities. You’ll be tasked with problem-solving and idea development – using your communication skills and initiative to motivate yourself and team members through demanding…

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Our non traditional Wedding ?>

Our non traditional Wedding

Yesterday over on my Facebook page I shared a photo from our wedding day, which made me think it was time to write about our wedding. We aren’t the most traditional of couples, and there was no romantic engagement, we just decided one day we were going to get married and bought a ring whilst in Orlando. We already had our trip to Las Vegas booked for the year after so after some discussion about “maybe” having a wedding here…

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Bucket List Dining at the Adelphi Kitchen ?>

Bucket List Dining at the Adelphi Kitchen

Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon at the Adelphi Kitchen in Aberdeen.  I had been invited along to sample their menu with the lovely Aberdeen blogger ladies. When we arrived we were greeted with cocktails (non alcoholic for me). Apart from fish and chips from a “chipper” I’d never tried seafood before so this was going to be a new bucket list experience for me.   We began by working our way through the starters. First, out came some mussels.  They’ve always…

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The Secret of the 3 Pharaohs ?>

The Secret of the 3 Pharaohs

The Secret of the 3 Pharaohs at Timescape in Geneva was my 12th Escape room. We will send you in the beginning of the 20th century to take back the work of Hermann Toothroot. This archaeologist disappeared as he was close to discover the secret of a pharaoh’s tomb. Follow his tracks, find him and unveil the secret of the three kings. You are sent back in time but you only have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape,…

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Step into the Void with ?>

Step into the Void with

When I told my mum I’d booked us on a day trip to France to see Mont-Blanc – she was excited, when I told her we were taking a cable car up to the top of Aiguille du Midi, then stepping into a glass void off the edge – she said “can we change the trip?” haha. The bus left Geneva bus station at 8.30 am where we took the ninety minute drive to Chamonix, France. Our first stop was…

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National Eat What You Want Day ?>

National Eat What You Want Day

May the 11th is National eat what you want day – a perfect day for a new menu tasting at Giraffe in Union Square with the wonderful Aberdeen bloggers. We were invited along to try out their new summer menu.  As I was driving I started off with the Strawberry Smash mocktail –  Soda with strawberry, lemon & mint For my main course I went for the Chicken Milanese – Breaded chicken escalope with basil & roasted tomato sauce. Served with garlic…

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Some not so great travel experiences. ?>

Some not so great travel experiences.

It’s not all five star hotels, cocktails on the beaches and adventures.  Sometimes some less than great things can happen on your travels.  Here I’ll tell you about my three worst experiences. Number 1:  That’s not my bag! After 20 plus hours travelling to Las Vegas for our wedding we finally made it to the hotel and started to unpack.  On opening our bright yellow case (which we thought was totally original) I asked my husband why he’d packed a…

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