My Top 10 Inspiring Movies ?>

My Top 10 Inspiring Movies

Sometimes it takes a movie to get you off your arse and motivated to make a life change. The below movies all helped me “wake up” when I was feeling down and gave me motivation toward changing my life. Have a look at the trailers below and let me know what you think, or if you have any more suggestions.   and obviously the best movies series of ALL TIME!  

How I Plan My Travels ?>

How I Plan My Travels

Spreadsheets and polypockets aren’t the most glamorous of things, but when I’m heading off on a two week adventure there’s nothing I love more than planning out our trip. Obviously we first pick a destination; change our mind a few times.. then finally decide where we’re going to head off to.  For a trip two weeks or over we like to book ahead at least 9 months in advance. Next it’s flights.  I’m a fan of British Airways for long…

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“Follow Your Dreams” and Dream Jobs ?>

“Follow Your Dreams” and Dream Jobs

It’s so easy to tell people to follow their dreams, and I guess it’s “easy” enough for some people to follow them.  But what if you don’t know what your dreams are? I know what I want to do on my bucket list.  Clearly – it’s online for everyone to see.  But still Monday-Friday I go into a job that pays for my house, travels, bills etc but doesn’t leave me happy or satisfied. As I type this post up…

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My most used Apps ?>

My most used Apps

I have to admit I’m a bit of a mobile phone addict! Currently my most used apps are: Whatsapp – Speaking to people WordPress – For editing the blog when I’m not near a computer Facebook – Updating my private and bucket list Facebook pages Twitter – For tweets on the go Skyscanner – finding the best flight deals Groupon – checking for deals local and on my travels Instagram – uploading photos Viator – searching for tours in any…

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My top 10 bucket list items to do ?>

My top 10 bucket list items to do

Now I’m more than half way through my list I’ve crossed off my original top ten. Out of everything that’s left, my current top ten “Bucket List To Do” Items are as follows: Be an extra in a film/tv show Find a job I love (Even if that means having to create it) Fly first class Wing Walking Learn special fx make up Learn photoshop Larping Hold a world record Make a stop motion movie Complete a “Yes Man” week….

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Learning Special FX Make up ?>

Learning Special FX Make up

As someone who doesn’t wear make up on a daily basis, I’m pretty useless with a mascara and couldn’t tell you what bronzer looks like.  I have the tiniest make up bag for special occasions (weddings, work nights out) but have a whole suitcase full of face paints and special fx make up. I’ve been practicing a little bit this year but will continue to do so, and hope to pick up some great prosthetics and make up on our…

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Last week I took part in G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S – The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. As a team of 15 you have one week to complete as many tasks as you can (some totally ridiculous) – to spread fun, laughter, kindness and ridiculousness. is a 7-time Guinness World Record breaking scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins that you can compete in from anywhere in the world (even from your own home!).. Thousands of participants from more than…

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A Weekend in Amsterdam ?>

A Weekend in Amsterdam

Instead of birthday presents, cake etc for my 28th birthday, I decided to go on a weekend break to Amsterdam with David. We flew out of Edinburgh airport on the Saturday morning and flew back on the Sunday night.  So with only 36 hours we tried to cram in as much as possible. We started out with an Escape room at Escape World ; An Alice in Wonderland theme room which was far too complicated for the two of us, but…

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Summer Food Fest with Union Square Aberdeen ?>

Summer Food Fest with Union Square Aberdeen

The Summer Food Fest has arrived at Union Square Aberdeen.  Fantastic discount and offers can be seen throughout the school holidays (4th July – 15th August) which you can find out all about on the Union Square Plus App.   You can download it on the Apple App Store or Android Google Play. David and I were invited along to Nandos, Union Square to try out their Fino Platter. A whole flame-grilled spatchcock PERi-PERi Chicken, served with Sweet Potato Wedges, Fino…

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Aging like a fine wine (and wizard school) ?>

Aging like a fine wine (and wizard school)

Yesterday was my 28th birthday.  For some reason I’ve always had it in my head 28 was going to be a good year.  It’s never bothered me getting older, but maybe because I’m happier, more confident and good things are happening in my life.  My sister shared this photo on my Facebook yesterday.  Which shows even as a little kid I didn’t know what I wanted in my life.  Did I want to be princess Jasmin or an old lady?…

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