Completing my Bucket List

7 days without television

A normal working week would involve me coming home, cleaning and feeding pets, cooking dinner, then getting into my pyjamas by 7pm and watching tv and sitting on the Ipad until around 10pm.
Well that’s not getting much done and it’s making me lazy with house work and preparing food for work. So I have challenged myself to seven days without television to see how much of a difference it makes in my life.

Wednesday 19th February – Day 1 with no television.
Instead of hurrying home from work to make sure I can watch all my tv shows, I decided to spend an hour in the gym then attended a self defence class #157, where I learned to protect myself again an attack and how to remove a knife off someone.
Then home where I made homemade burgers and prepared lunch for work the next day (chicken fajita wraps), cleaned all of our pets, cleaned the house and sat down to read Richard Branson’s “screw it, let’s do it” book. Day 1 of no television has been pretty easy and I’ve got lots done.

Thursday 20th February – Day 2 with no television.
Nothing as exciting as learning to kick ass tonight but I went with my fiancé to buy items for our new tropical fish tank (you would think three rabbits, two hamsters and goldfish were enough!!) When I got in around 7pm my automatic reaction was to turn on the tv at the wall but since it’s unplugged I remembered no television for six more nights!
I wrote some thank you letters #113, then contacted some other bucket listers, and some places and people who may be able to help me cross off some more items on my bucket list.

Friday 21st February – Day 3 with no television.
I’m not actually missing the television today. I’ve kept myself busy with a visit to the vets (poor bunny was getting a check up after being neutered). Then did some some exercising in the house. Treated myself to a chocolate biscuit and a cuppa and sat down to read “Yes Man”. I loved the film so wanted to read the true story.
I also said yes to a fire walking experience later in the year.
This weekend may prove to be a bit of a challenge but hopefully I can come up with something fun to keep me busy.

Saturday 22nd February – Day 4 with no television.
Went for a drive with my fiancé to look for some tropical fish for our new tank. Came across an excellent place in a Aberdeen where we bought our first two fish. I’d previously emailed the same shop about holding a snake for completing an item on my bucket list and they had kindly said yes. So thanks to A1 aquatics in Aberdeen for helping me cross this item off my list 🙂 #122

Sunday 23rd – Day 5 no television
Took a nice 90 minute drive with David out to Fraserburgh to pay for the fire walking experience. Its not until October but I didn’t want to miss out on this one. Enjoyed a TGIs for lunch then had the future in laws over for a cup of tea at night.
Read some more “yes man” – still not missing television.
Decided to experiment with some baking and came up with chilli cookies. Experiment was a success.

Monday 24th – Day 6 no television
Went looking for a new fish tank. Already Davids not happy with the 48 litre one and has decided its his new hobby so is now looking at 180 litre tanks. Then went to visit my parents for a while and started day one of bonding my pet rabbits. Tonight I realised I’m not actually missing TV. I do enjoy GOOD tv shows! But have learned I need to stop watching Hollyoaks! As theres not just 12/24 episodes in a season, its every single day. And I’ve actually got a lot done in the last week. The house is clean, I’ve done some exercise and managed to cross a few items off the list.

Tuesday 25 – Day 7 no television
Well it’s the final day! I had a pretty bad day at work today so would have loved to just sit and watch telly all night but I didn’t! Unfortunately the house is no longer clean… But that’s due to some rabbits being in the house at the moment. Had an incident with snail eggs hatching in the gold fish tank so solved that problem tonight!
Tomorrow night I start my Roller Derby beginners course so there’s another night of no television. Hopefully I can make this something I stick to more often.

7 days no television.
3lbs in weight loss
And 3 bucket list items crossed off!
4 including go 7 days without television 🙂

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