Completing my Bucket List

Weight Loss

Spending my late teens and early twenties as a miserable, drunken bum didn’t do very much for the slim figure I grew up with!

Once I eventually wised up, stopped drinking as much and got my life on track I took a good look at the size 16 girl I’d became from always been a size 8/10.

At 13 stone 6 (188lbs) on January the first 2014, after trying many failed fad diets, I decided it was time to sort my life out!

I cut out sugar in my tea, and having six cups a day, 2 spoons of sugar a cup, 16 calories a spoon, that equals 70,080 calories of sugar a year!!!! What a difference alone that would have made.

A friend introduced me to the world of macro counting. This was a way for me to eat anything I wanted as long as it was calculated into my daily allowance!

And at a 42lb loss nine months later without starving myself or banning any food types it has obviously worked!!

Finally back into a size ten and slowly becoming more body confident. I’m still working hard on getting my goal body and improving my fitness and this is just the start of my journey!

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