Completing my Bucket List

Face your fears

Number 300 on my list is face my fears.

This won’t count as being marked off until I’ve faced all three.

1: sharks
2: spiders
3: public speaking

1: I have a major fear of the sea and that’s mostly down to sharks! Because of this water jetpacking wasn’t a great experience for me.
So within the next year I finally plan on swimming with sharks.

2: Spiders make my skin crawl. So what better way to get over this fear than have them crawl on my skin.

3: And finally…public speaking.
Around friends and family you’d never think I was shy but speaking in front of a crowd/strangers scares me!
So I’ve signed up for a drama performance this month for two nights over Halloween! I hope I remember my lines.

What are your fears?
And will you face them?

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