Completing my Bucket List

Why I started the bucket list..

I was 23 years old and wasting my life away, and at nearly 200 lbs I didn’t even recognise my own reflection. The last five years were spent drinking every weekend, eating anything I could get my hands on and spending every evening locked in my room playing the Xbox. 

At a visit to the doctors I was told I was depressed.  I tried to figure what had happened to me over the last few years. Blaming everything on everyone else. I hated my work, I was overweight, sad, lonely and hated my life. I came up with every excuse until I realised only I could change my life! Sitting feeling sorry for myself wasn’t doing any good.

I decided to write a list of some things to do to get myself out of this rut. It started off small: climb a hill, dye my hair pink, grow vegetables, learn to cook. The satisfaction gained from crossing something off gave me an idea. The bucket list!

A list of everything I wanted to do in my life. The thought of being on my death bed having spent my whole life like I had been scared me, and I wanted no regrets.

Number 1: the bungee jump. What a rush! Why hadn’t I done this before? It made me realise all the other life experiences I had been missing out on.

Over the last three years I have been working my way through the list completing many items:

Sky dive
Zip line over alligators
Swimming with Sharks
Fly a plane
Go in a submarine
Water jetpacks
The Grand Canyon
Swim with Sea Turtles
Go on a camel ride

These were just a few highlights. The more I got out the more energy I had. I stopped drinking, ran my first 5k, climbed hills, went to burlesque classes and roller derby, and through all of this I had lost 45lbs!

Leaving school at 15 due to bullies my confidence was low and so were my grades.  So when the opportunity came up to perform in a play, I was petrified! But my new way of living taught me to say yes. A few weeks later I performed in front of 200 people.  This experience is one of my highlights to date and has brought me out of my shell.

The more new experiences I had the more my life changed. I left a job I hated, finally gained some qualifications, bought a house with my boyfriend, who became my husband, have visited ten countries, and one day I looked in the mirror and finally saw myself again. I was finally happy.

I still have so many life experiences, and bucket list items to cross off and realise these are the things that changed me for the happy person I am today.

Why did you write your bucket list?

7 thoughts on “Why I started the bucket list..

  1. Steve

    Fantastic! You are an inspirational role model! Congratulations on all your achievements, your marriage and turning your life around. I wish you all the best!

  2. Balint Farago

    It’s always interesting to learn why people are starting a bucket list. I hope you’re well and completing your goals as planned. I wanted to send you an email, but I didn’t find your email address. How can I reach you? I may have a story for you.

  3. JanD

    What a great story, it has inspired me no end, I am going to write my bucket list although it won’t be as brave as yours, not to start with anyway, thanks.

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