Completing my Bucket List

Today has been crazy….

So after an article in a local paper yesterday, to the daily mail online last night – thousands of people have viewed my site today!

I’ve got many messages, emails etc to reply to and promise I will get round to them all as soon as possible.

As to many of the comments about how people can’t afford to have a bucket list, I’ve made a list of free items you can do.

1: Give blood

2: Run a 5k

3: Raise money for charity

4: Be an extra in a film

5: Volunteer

6: Learn a craft/skill/instrument

7: Write a book

8: Invent a board game

9: Take part in a world record

10: Be part of a flash mob.

There are so many things you can do for free but there are just a few.

I’m glad to see my story has inspired so many people and thank you for the lovely words of support.  I also had a good laugh at some of the not so nice comments online.

Happy Bucket Listing


3 thoughts on “Today has been crazy….

  1. gill

    I came across your blog via the Daily Mail, really inspiring and I’ll be watching with interest. I’m a big fan of lists, helps focus my mind, so I’ll be writing my own bucket list now.

  2. Balint Farago

    If you set more specific goals, then you feel better once you complete one. E.g: Run a 5k under 25 minutes. That’s actually on my bucket list, now I do 25:20 but last year I did 25:50 so that’s a big advance for me and it’s getting harder every time 🙂

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