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Go Ape

Go Ape’s – the UK’s number one forest adventure


11021161_1588011281410914_6876198290764853582_n“Days out with us are about living life a little more adventurously, having fun with friends and family and getting in touch with your inner Tarzan (he’s in there, we promise!)”

The morning started out with a safety briefing and training course by one of the instructors, and then that was us off up into the trees.

“The classic Go Ape experience is our 2 – 3 hour Tree Top Adventure. We’ll brief you for safety before you fly down our zip-wires, leap off our Tarzan Swing and tackle our crossings.”

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The course included walking between the trees ,some of these included a a tight rope, planks and ropes.

11021166_1588011154744260_3036000028513832400_nI needed all my strength to get across on the rope wall!

At the end of each section you take the zip-line down to the bottom.

11025643_1588011054744270_4497762300951073160_n 13099_1588011078077601_8868949580667080000_n

and on one course a skateboard zipline!! – How cool!!


What a fun day we had, I’m sure i’m going to hurt tomorrow!  I’d highly recommend this experience to others.

Our experience was at Go-Ape Crathes Castle but there are many other sites over the UK which you can find on their website

Thumbs up for Go Ape!!



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  1. Lovely Sami Anne

    This is pretty cool. At first I thought you went to Melbourne, Florida. When we went ziplining, we went through a treetop trek to get to the zips. It was really cool and so much fun. It took us hours but so worth it.

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