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Contact another Laura Lawson

This was one of the easier ones on my list, I’m not sure why I haven’t done it earlier to be honest!  After a quick google search I came across the wonder Laura Lawson (now Laura Lawson Visconti) and sent her an email asking if she could let me know some interesting facts about herself.  I wondered if someone with the same name would have any of the same interests.  It seems like Laura and I have a few things in common –

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Laura’s facts:

  • I have lived up and down the entire West Coast of the United States my whole life, from Orange County to Seattle. I’m currently in Portland, Oregon and I love it!
  • In 2013 I married my best friend and soulmate, professional snowboarder Nick Visconti. We eloped on a mountain and it was magical:
  • Instagram has been a big part of my story and has literally changed my life. Follow along: @lauralawsonvisconti
  • I have a very rare eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa which is slowly causing me to go blind. I don’t drive anymore and instead ride my bike everywhere, which inspired me to get fit and later go on to become a personal trainer, helping others discover happier and healthier versions of themselves. I am very happy and blessed and I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. A few years back I published a short ebook about my early experiences with the disease:
  • I am an artist! Ever since I was a little girl I have loved painting and drawing. While I am pursuing new passions today in fitness, photography, and a slew of other things (you could say I keep myself busy), art will always be my first love.
  • I am a Christian. It is only Jesus that I find joy amidst sorrow.
  • My husband and I are obsessed with specialty coffee and are currently planning to open up a coffee roastery in the next few years. I just finished editing our business plan earlier today!
  • I am an old soul. I am introspective to a fault, have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor, and love meeting new people.


Laura and her husband Nick eloped (infact if you google elopement their story is one of the first results).  We didn’t elope but had the small Vegas white chapel wedding with three guests.

I also love the west Coast of America, 2nd visit booked for this year, and 3rd planned for next year.

Laura and her husband have just started a coffee business, my husband and I have just started a hot sauce business.

Many would say I also have  a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor.

I just have to share this beautiful wedding photo! what a view.


You can follow the other Laura Lawson’s blog at

Thank you to Laura for helping me cross this one off my lis

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