Completing my Bucket List

Help others complete items on their bucket list

I came across a family on facebook from my local town who also have a bucket list.

Their facebook page which you can find here says the following:

  • A List of 500 fun Adventures for our boys. Our challenge is to explore our world and have lots of fun.
  • 500 adventures – Our adventure categories include the following: Challenge, Explore, Skill, Fun, Learning & Adventure
  • Our goal is to maximize time spent together as a family, to embrace these precious moments and build lasting memories.
    If this site in some way encourages others to do similar then we are delighted.To the boys it is simply Adventure Club!
    Some are small some are big.
    Some take minutes some take days or even weeks.
    Some require careful planning some will be opportunistic.
    Some can be done at home and others require travel.
    Some will only be possible when the boys get much older.
    Some require multiple visits or may need a number of attempts.
    Some are huge in planning, logistics and effort.
    Some teach lessons, the importance of charity, or community.
    Some are for the sheer pleasure of silliness and fun.After viewing the whole list I realised I could help them with a few of their items and decided to see if anyone else would like to join in.  To do this I created an amazon wishlist with some small items and posted the link on my personal facebook page.  Amazing people (some i’ve never even met – some from other countries) helped and within 24 hours we had everything on the list!

    Once I received everything they were sent to “The adventure Club”
    The items delivered will help to cross off the following items off their list:
    51. Egg cress heads
    30. Be cavemen for the day
    116. Bubble wands
    108. Make a gingerbread house
    173. Do a 1000 piece puzzle
    20. Raise butterflies
    311. Learn to play chess
    107. Be king for the day
    91. Learn to play a card game
    The boys even left a really cute thank you video which you can view on their facebook page.
    I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who got involved in this.  Its nice to be kind to strangers and shows there are awesome people out there!!

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