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The Boston Bucket List

We only had 3 nights in Boston and I really wish we had longer!  In the very little time I spent here it’s became by favourite place I’ve ever visited.  It’s beautiful, clean, the food was excellent, people were friendly and it’s actually somewhere I can picture myself living.   I don’t often mention hotels in my post but I have to mention the Intercontinental Boston for the beautiful suite we had looking onto the docks.

In the short time we had we managed to do the five below things.

1: The Boston Duck Tour  – a tour of Boston by land and waterpressphotos-DSC_2231

2: Ghosts and Gravestones – a Tour on bus and foot of Bostons gravestones and ghost history.12036598_1652500358295339_3858942842075997015_n

3:  Try the flying trapeze at Trapeze School New York (Boston)12047012_1652664431612265_138434015041671935_n

4: Take the ferry over to Salem for the day.  Here we went to the Salem Witch Museum and Count Orloks Nighmare Gallery.  Unfortunately I was unable to take photos inside either of these places but you can check them out for yourself if you visit Salem. 12079684_1652849314927110_6425462638886185988_n

5: Spend some time at Quincy market, wandering the food stalls and shops.12042870_1652627621615946_7094466213987388871_n

I really wish we had some more time in Boston and will be returning very soon to do the things we missed.  Including:

6: Walk the Freedom Trail837058-Freedom-Trail-Boston--Stock-Photo

7: The Boston Tea Party Shipboston-tea-party-ship-museum

8: Boston Public Gardenmake-way-for-ducklings

9: The Museum of Science800px-Museum_of_Science,_Boston,_MA_-_IMG_3174

Is there anything else you would recommend I check out the next time I visit Boston?

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