Completing my Bucket List

Walking on fire

Before walking on fire we had our one hour seminar leading up to facing the fear of walking on fire.

On the scale of crazy things I’ve done walking on fire doesn’t even register on the fear scale so I was ready to go.  The seminar was great though, we started off by dancing in the room – getting over embarrassment, then watched some volunteers smash planks of wood with their hands, and break wooden arrows on their necks.

Then we headed down to the beach for the fire walk.  Around 70 of us queued up and started walking.

I think If I had done this before skydiving, or swimming with sharks or any of the other crazy things I’ve done in the last few years, I’d have been afraid before hand but the walk was super easy for me and I was surprised at how I didn’t feel my feet burning.

I’d definitely recommend doing this if you want to start facing your fears.

Is walking on fire on your bucket list?


Fire walk arranged by Survivorbility with fundraising for Inspire Aberdeen

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