Completing my Bucket List

Remember the time…

Remember the time we sky dived in Las Vegas.

Remember the time we drove a speed boat in Greece.

Remember our wedding day.

Remember the time we leaned off the CN tower for our first wedding anniversary.

Remember the time we saw great blue whales in San Diego.

Remember the time we took a submarine to the bottom of the sea in Mexico.

Remember the steak with blue cheese we had in Toronto.

Remember when we zip-lined over alligators in Orlando.


Remember what you got for last Christmas? – No.

Remember what you bought in the Florida mall? – No

Remember that pair of shoes you just had to have?  – No.


I think you get the hint by now đŸ™‚

All i’m going to remember my whole life is my experiences, not possessions.

Spend your time with people you love.  

Eat great food.  

Do crazy things.  

Be happy.

One thought on “Remember the time…

  1. LeighLouise

    This is just one of the most truthful things I’ve seen it’s an inspiration I just wish more people think like this! I think I would rather buy nothing again or sell stuff I owned to have memorable experiences that I would never forget. Love it x x x

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