Completing my Bucket List

Christmas Bucket List

So since tomorrow is December 1st, I’m allowed to start getting excited about Christmas!!  Here are 25 bucket list ideas for the Christmas season.

  1. Make and decorate a gingerbread house
  2. Kiss under the mistletoe
  3. Make cookies
  4. Have hot chocolate with marshmallows
  5. Get dressed up and go out for a nice night out10422458_1562727910605918_3828965090653516961_n
  6. Decorate the Christmas tree
  7. Play in the snow
  8. Make and decorate your own Christmas stockings
  9. Go ice skating
  10. Treat a pet to a Christmas treat10377379_1565527980325911_5382492542325276176_n (1)
  11. Send out Christmas cards to family, friends and neighbours
  12. See Christmas lights
  13. Donate a gift to a charity for children
  14. Have a drink by the Christmas tree with loved ones
  15. Enjoy a Christmas drink by the tree with loved ones10868286_1565525253659517_6221960278801207918_n
  16. Watch Christmas movies (My favourite is Elf)
  17. Play Christmas music
  18. Write a letter to Santa
  19. Visit a Christmas market
  20. Take part in a Santa run 10430915_1560521654159877_3501446430617816685_n
  21. Make home made gifts
  22. Take part in a Secret Santa gift swap
  23. Volunteer
  24. Wrap gifts
  25. Enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner


Do you have any other suggestions to add to a Christmas bucket list?


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