Completing my Bucket List

I am myself – not my weight or my man!

Nearly every magazine that has covered my bucket list story has spun it to be a weight loss or a love story.

No headlines such as “Woman changes her life through a bucket list” – instead I’m the “fat, sad, lonely woman who managed to lose weight and get married!!”


One magazine even started their story with “after visiting a nudist beach” – which A, I’ve never been to, and B, why is that the opening sentence?



Instead of it being a story of how I’ve gained qualifications and confidence since leaving school because of bullies, or flown a plane, zip-lined over alligators, sky dived or anything else amazing, all that seems to come from it is I’ve lost weight and “even got married”.


Here I’m “living life to the full” but wheres the amazing photos?  Oh there isn’t any, just some weight loss pictures.


What I wonder, is If I was a man would the story be written this way? – definitely not.

Today a magazine decided not to run my story because they couldn’t run it as a love story.  I’m glad.

Women do not need to read more weight loss stories, or more marriage stories.  We need women to look up to.  To inspire us to do everything we want to do in life and not have our own insecurities holding us back.

My weight and my husband do not define me as a person.  They aren’t who I am or who I want to be.   I’m a woman who has swam with sharks, performed in a play when I had no confidence,  walked on fire, flown a plane, held a tarantula, raised money for charity.  And I’ve became a strong, confident woman through all of these things.

Going forward I hope the press can take more from my story than what they’ve covered so far, and if I can inspire just one person to do anything they want to do in life, and make any little change, then I’ve done what I set out to do by starting this blog.


Happy bucket listing 🙂


Laura x


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