Completing my Bucket List

Money saving/making tips

What does £50 get you nowadays?  A meal out? a computer game? a pair of shoes?  For me that’s a return flight to Copenhagen.

Still the most popular question I get asked is “how do you afford all these things?”

Unfortunately I’m not rich, work a 9-5 job and have a mortgage/bills to pay but I make experiences and travel a priority.  The below are some things I’ve done over the last few years to help afford my trips and experiences.

Money saving:

  • Take an annual look at your household bills.  This year alone I’ve estimated saving over £500 for the year already just by phoning up bill providers and asking for better rates.  Sky took £25 a month off my bill just by asking.  I also look at the best gas/electric prices and mobile phone costs.
  • Never accept the first price on anything.  Whether its a mobile phone contract, or a holiday.
  • Always look for discount codes when buying online.
  • It’s cheaper to book your flight tickets and hotel yourself rather than going through a travel agent.  This year I’ve checked out Air BNB where you can hire a villa for as little as £17 a day!!
  • Have a jar at home where you put all your lose change into.  I’ve started paying everything with cash instead of by card, and now all the change goes into the jar.  Last year I had over £700 in spare change.
  • This one costs money, but at the same time saves.  My husband and I have cinema passes which are £16 a month. This gives lets us watch UNLIMITED movies. Its around £10 a ticket here and we go at least twice a week so definitely saving some money there!
  • I stopped going out drinking a few years ago and that saved a fortune! By the time I’d paid for taxis, drinks and club entry that was nearly £100 a weekend!  I also don’t buy food at the cinema anymore, rarely buy new clothes or things I don’t need.

Money making:

  • I try to have a big house clear out around every 6 months.  If it’s not been worn or looked at it goes!  There’s nothing worse than hoarding a bunch of things you’ll never use again.  Local Facebook selling sites or a car boot sale I’ve found are better than selling online and having to post out.
  • You can sell old dvds/cds/games to sites such as
  • Some magazines will buy your photos or stories.  It could be anything from £10 to thousands.  Pet photos, funny stories, recipes etc.
  • I use cash back websites for all of my online purchases.   Sites such as will give you money back for your online purchases.  From car insurance, mobile phone contracts, amazon etc. It’s worth checking some of the deals out before buying anything online.

Hopefully some of these tips help you save/make some money towards some of your goals and could help you cross some items off your bucket list.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Happy bucket listing 🙂




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