Completing my Bucket List

I woke up in jail…

I had been framed for murder and sentence to death.  I was locked up in a maximum security prison and the only way to save myself was to escape. I knew the guards took one hour to make the rounds so I had 60 minutes to find a way out.

This was my last chance to save myself before the execution!

This is the theme for one of the rooms at Reykjavik Escape.

With this being my 6th Escape Room I was starting to feel a bit more confident after finally escaping number 5.  I made my way out of the cell (which is a real cell by the way) and into the wardens room.  Here I had to ask for my first clue, and my second, and third! I won’t give any spoilers or hints away but there are so many amazing puzzles to put you off the trail.

It was great that you were given a mobile phone to text for the clue.  You were then text a picture with a hint for the next puzzle.

Unfortunately I didn’t escape jail, but maybe with an extra five minutes it would have been possible.  I wasn’t actually sentenced to death at the end for not escaping, so I’m still here to tell the tale 🙂

I loved the prison theme and next time I visit Reykjavik we’ll be returning to try one of the other rooms.  Taken, The Scientist or the Hangover.

Make sure you put one of these rooms on your Iceland Bucket List.


I’m not sure why David picked a sign saying “it’s his fault”

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