Completing my Bucket List

The Iceland Bucket List

I’ll start off with the things we had time to do

1: The Golden Circle Tour 

2: See the Northern Lights


3: Take a Icelandic horse ride


4: Explore the lava caves

5: Spend some time exploring Reykjavik centre, enjoying the graffiti and other quirks that it has to offer.

6: Enjoy some of the local foods


7: Try escape a prison cell at Reykjavik Escape

And now for some of the things I didn’t have time for but would love to try next time I visit.

8: Get a photo shoot at Mink and become a viking for a day


9: Visit the blue lagoon.  It was shut when we visited so that’s an excuse to return again.


10: Visit the ice caves



Are these on your Iceland bucket list?  What else should I add to my list?

Happy bucket listing.

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