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Interview with Hayley

This week brings to you Hayley from Highway Twenty Nine

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Why do you have a bucket list?

A Bucket list for me is a way for me to keep a record of all the things I want to do in my life. I’m only here once so for me it’s a way to push myself towards doing all the things I may not have done otherwise, It’s a way for me to grow and explore the world around me no matter how big or small my list is. I get to add things as and when they come up an tick them off once I have completed them, It’s also a great way to see how far I’ve come over the years and how my wants and desires have changed as I have grown up.

How many things are on your list?

I wouldn’t even know where to start with this, I am constantly adding new things to my list however large or small. My list is never ending, and I like that about having a bucket list, it’s never set to a certain amount and I can add to it whenever I want.

How many have you done?

I should actually probably keep one list rather than many, I think I’ve accomplished a fair few things on my list but there are still so many more that I want to do. I have a couple of big things completed and a lot of small ones, but I am constantly adding more so I’m striving to complete more and more.

The favourite thing you’ve ticket off your list?

My favourite thing would probably be travelling to Australia on my own, this was such a massive step for me, in my life and becoming who I am today. I have always been the shy, quiet girl so to do this was a big thing for me.

Least favourite thing?

I don’t think I have a least favourite thing, everything I put on my list is an achievement and makes me proud of myself for doing theses things, things I may never have done without a list to keep track of everything that enters my head.

If you could only choose three things on your list to complete what would they be?

Only three things, that’s actually an easy one for me, they would have to be

  1. To do a bungee jump,
  2. To gamble in Vegas, and
  3. To swim with dolphins.

numbers 1 and 3 have been on my list for as long as I can remember, and number 2 came about when I was taken to Vegas for my 18th Birthday (yes, 18th birthday… where I couldn’t actually do anything other than go on the rollercoasters).

Do you think everyone should start a bucket list? 

I would always say that it’s a good thing to do, it can push you into doing some things you never thought you would get the chance to do, but I also think that everyone is different and maybe a bucket list isn’t actually for everyone.

What’s next for you?

​I am currently living in Vancouver and I have about 10 weeks left so currently I am focusing on doing and seeing as much as I possibly can while I’m here, I want to go back home knowing that I didn’t miss anything out and that I had the time of my life while I was here.​


Hope you had an amazing time in Vancouver Hayley! I’m visiting later this year 🙂


Read more about Hayley over on here website Highway Twenty Nine

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