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Visit a cat cafe

For someone who’s allergic to cats, this might seem like a weird one.  But they’re just so cute!  When I heard a cat cafe was opening up in my town I had to get a reservation for opening day.  The Cat in the Window Cafe opened on February 13th 2016.  The idea behind it is go enjoy a cake and a cuppa whilst hanging out with the cutest cats!DSC_0052.JPG

You book your one hour time slot on the website and head along (after taking some anti histamines if you need them).  A maximum of 20 people can be in the cafe at a time which is great for the cats to not be crowded, and so you get some quality time with them.PhotoGrid_1455468959751.jpgThe food was great too.  David went for the Oreo Brownie and I went for the carrot cake. Turns out it was vegan and gluten free so it can’t be bad for you right?!  The food isn’t made on the premises so don’t worry about cat hair in it 🙂


How cute is that face?!! This is Pancakes


The food is served up in super cute cat themed cups, milk pourer and cup toppers to stop the cats getting in your cuppa.  Check the wee guy eyeing up my cake?


I didn’t know what to expect from a cat cafe, but it was very clean, really relaxed, the cakes were amazing, the cats were gorgeous and I’ll definitely be back.  Best of luck to this amazing new business in Aberdeen.








8 thoughts on “Visit a cat cafe

  1. Nixtie

    Oh yes this is awesome! I am planning on going to the cat cafe in Amsterdam in exactly one week. Cant wait to be there and spend some quality time with the cats there. 🙂

  2. Sharon

    I have been to one in London and one in Paris.Aberdeens looks just as nice.If the cats are happy, thats whats important.I love the idea of the cat themed crockery.:)

  3. Karen

    All the cats are SO CUTE. I’ve been to cat cafes all over as I’m a not so secret cat lady and I love that this is on your bucket list. I hope it inspires more people!

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