Completing my Bucket List

Interview with Geff and Anne

This week I introduce to you Geff and Anne from


Why do you have a bucket list?

Great question! The term ‘bucket list’ has obviously become very popular in recent years, but the concept of planning certain things you want to experience of accomplish before you die is as old as time. For us, we are in a time of our lives where we are active, adventurous and out to see the world – maybe more than we’ll ever be so it makes sense to keep a list of “once in a lifetime experiences” we dream of doing. It is important to know what they are so if the opportunity comes up, even if it costs more than you want or the timing isn’t perfect, you can jump at the chance!

How many things are on your list?

Endless. The list grows and grows and grows almost weekly. No matter how many we tick off, we add even more. It is a living, breathing thing with a mind of its own.

The favourite thing you’ve ticket off your list?

The first thing that comes to mind was when we tried flyboarding in Dubai. Not the most off the beaten path, but if you’ve ever seen someone flyboarding I bet you’ve wanted to try it. Not many people thing of Dubai as a place for water sports, but it was incredible.

Least favourite thing?

Nothing makes it on our list unless it is worthy! You know, some things are better than others, but if you are out there, seeing the world and following your dreams, even if they don’t live up to your expectations, its still way better than living at home on the couch.

I love this answer! There a few things I’ve tried that I didn’t enjoy but at least I tried them.


If you could only choose three things on your list to complete what would they be?

Easy, seeing the Northern Lights in Finland, hiking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal and taking an expedition to Antarctica.

Do you think everyone should start a bucket list?

Everyone should have a bucket list not matter the topic, no matter the length and no matter if they ever complete it – or even start it for that matter. A bucket list lets us dream and that is the most important. However, dreams are just that, dreams. So make the push to complete yours.

What’s next for you?

We have some exciting plans for 2016 including a summer trips to Iceland and Bali, hopefully climbing to Everest base camp in the winter and we’re excited to head to Zanzibar next month!


Keep being awesome you two!  Can’t wait to see your future travels.  Especially Everest Base camp!


5 thoughts on “Interview with Geff and Anne

  1. Kathy Greene

    where do you get the money for all these trips? I noticed that you have a lot of sponsors! how do you go about getting sponsors for your trip? is it because of the first story that you were picked up on? and then the sponsors just started to roll in and pick you up and help you out with the financials? I would love to go to all the places you been to but I don’t have the financial means to do it without help from sponsors or anybody else who would donate to my bucket list! I am slightly disabled well actually more then slightly but I still get around rather well and to reiterate I would love to go on some of the trips you have gone on and Mark these off my bucket list.
    can you give me any hints of what I can do to contact sponsors or people who would help me out with the cost involved and knocking a few things off my bucket list? I would so enjoy a reply from you I just feel like we are alike in so many ways! I do bucket lists all the time, but it all in my mind that I’m going to certain places, visiting with other cultures and doing exciting and new adventures! I’m on a set monthly stipend from my State of Illinois in the USA and can’t even start to fulfill my bucket list because of budget restraints….Could you please contact me on how you are able to get sponsor’s to sponsor you maybe I would be able to tick a few items off my bucket list!! Life has not been easy for me-my parents died when I was young: Dad when I was 9 yrs old and Mom when I was 13 yrs old. I’m 52 now but feel like a lost child still!! That’s why I started my bucket list (imaginary bucket list)……I want to go and accomplish a few of the things on my list – but unfortunately I can barely make ends meet at the end of the month it seems like. That’s why I’m asking you for some sponsorship help, at least some ideas of how you managed to be found by Sponsor’s? I’m sure it was because you were in newspapers and giving interviews with some of the people who have contacted you. Well if you have any ideas of where I can turn please contact me at my name is Kathy and I hope we can chat via email or maybe Facebook. It was a great pleasure to see the places you and your husband went and live vicariously through your adventures-that alone was great fun. I hope you continue to have great advertiser’s and traveling all over the world!! Have loads of fun with your hubby!! I’ll be thinking of you and praying for the two of you!!
    Kathy Greene

  2. Kathy Greene

    Sorry I misspelled your name and it was supposed to be adventures not advertiser’s !!

  3. Kathy Greene

    Have loads of fun with your bucket list this year…..and I will be there in spirit with you!!
    Kathy Greene

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