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Guest Interview with Vicky

This week I Introduce to you Vicky from


Why do you have a bucket list?

I have a bucket list because personally it makes me strive for something in life, an attainable goal of extraordinary things that make life worth living. Of course friends and family do this too, but a bucket list is a personal list of achievements that you want to fulfill. Plus ticking off something off my list is a big deal and I love doing it. I have filled my list with life dreams, personal goals, career ambitions and travel desires so my list keeps me continuously on my toes, doing new things and enjoying life to the full.

How many things are on your list?

I have 100 things on my list!

How many have you done?

I have completed 30 out of the 100 so quite a way to go yet, especially as some on one post are a few mountains to climb, rather than just one- I like to keep it challenging 😉


The favourite thing you’ve ticket off your list?

Oh gosh that’s such a hard question!! Hmm I must say three! Getting to see the Dalai Lama is definitely one of them because he is so wise and a real inspiration to all of us- his frame of mind should be respected and used throughout the world, it would become a much more peaceful less materialistic world. Parahawking in Nepal definitely beats skydiving (too quick) and bungee jumping (too terrifying!) its a combination of paragliding whilst vultures are trained to pick meat out from your hand. Incredible views and amazing to see creatures in natural flight- it was so exciting! And lastly, falling head over heels in love- I didn’t expect I ever would and meeting someone so amazing has really made me feel complete! 

I had never heard of Parahawking before – how cool!

Least favourite thing?

Least favourite thing I have completed? Ermm either drinking snake venom (the night didn’t end well… lets put it that way) or making cocktails professionally. I used to do them in a really hip bar in central Manchester (England) and it was so stressful because we would work for 12 hours with no food or break and have to make nice cocktails for really drunk people- it was really tiring! 

If you could only choose three things on your list to complete what would they be?

If I could only choose three things out of my whole list? Well: to fall head over heels in love, live a happy and healthy long life, and be successful in my chosen career (these are all on my list) I think they make the right recipe for true happiness and content!

Do you think everyone should start a bucket list?

Yes!! I think everyone should totally start a bucket list.  In this world, no one makes it out alive, so we must live in the present and grab every opportunity that comes our way. A bucket list should not be bogged down with material values and financial gain but filled with things you want to accomplish, places you want to see and some light hearted things to keep the journey of life entertaining. Some may argue that getting your perfect career and starting a family are life changing things, and I completely agree. Both of these things are on my bucket list too, but there are also many other things I would like to achieve. Family and career goals would only be a part of my life, not my life in its entirety.

What’s next for you?

Well I am snowboarding in March so I am hoping to snowboard naked and crowd surf as I have heard the Apres ski is pretty wild there! I am hoping to tick off having sex in a library very soon 😉 and then I might do a few I can afford before I save up to travel to conquer some more! Excited for the next ones!


Best of luck with your list Vicky.  And remember to keep the noise down in the library 🙂


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