Completing my Bucket List

Interview with Stephanie

This weeks interview is with Stephanie from


Why do you have a bucket list?

I want to live every day to it’s fullest and explore as much as possible. To keep track of my goals I created a life goals list as I call it.

How many things are on your list?

Oh, I have to count because I made categories for them. I think I have about 70 different goals on it. Is that too much? 🙂

How many have you done?

I’ve done 5 so far. I still have some years to go I guess.

The favourite thing you’ve ticked off your list?

That would be the weekend I went to Amsterdam to take pictures. I’ve never been there and it was an amazing experience with a beautiful hotel and lots of special events that I didn’t plan.



If you could only choose three things on your list to complete what would they be?

Not in this order but they would make me super happy.

1. create financial freedom: enough passive income to cover all my expenses

2. be the CEO of my own company

3. move to a different country

Do you think everyone should start a bucket list?

YES! My quote for this is:  “When goals become your lifestyle – Stephanie Smolders” 

That is my way of life anyway!

Best of luck with completing your bucket list Stephanie 🙂



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