Completing my Bucket List

How to get through real life in between travel

I’m not gonna lie… It’s tough.  All David and I can think about it our next trip.  Then then next one, then the next.  In between our getaways we do need something to take our minds off it.  Here are my top suggestions for getting through normality for a bit:

  1. Have a weekend break once a month, even if it’s not far away from your home.
  2. Make sure to have date night at least once a week.  We have cinema passes so unlimited movies a month for a small monthly payment. You’ll usually catch us there about 3 times a week.
  3. Plan the next trip.  We have another 7 countries to visit this year and we already have a lot of our tours/experiences planned for them.
  4. Watching YouTube videos of other places to get ideas for the future.
  5. Join Facebook groups or visit blogs of other travelers and follow their amazing adventures.
  6. Attend local events: Colour festivals, food swaps etc.
  7. Binge watch a Netflix series.
  8. Write lists on how to get through normality until the next trip 😉


Do you have any other suggestions?


5 thoughts on “How to get through real life in between travel

  1. Nixtie

    Great tipps! 🙂 Once I am back from vacation I am also already planning the next trip or have a list in mind whereelse I want to go this year.

  2. Nixtie

    I am thinking about Barcelona, Oman, Poland road trip and Curacao. Just got back from Cuba. So lets see if I can make it or not 😀 *fingers crossed* Whats on your list for this year?

    1. completingmybucketlist Post author

      Awesome 🙂 Heading to Copenhagen, Malmo, Geneva, Chamonix, Lanzarote then doing a road trip from San Fran, Yosemite, Portland, Seattle ending up in Vancouver 🙂 can’t wait.

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