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Interview with Tricia

This weeks interview is with Tricia from The Adventure List 














Why do you have a bucket list?

I have always been a list maker so to create a bucket list was a natural extension of my to-do list and New Year’s resolution lists. I made my actual bucket list about 5 years ago after reading several blog posts about making lists very specific. My initial list was 100 Things I wanted to do before I died. I tweaked it more and more. Have added and subtracted things through the years.

 How many things are on your list?

The one on my blog has 61 things and is somewhat general but the handwritten paper copy has 100 and is more specific. I really need to update my online bucket list. Thanks for making me take a look at it. 🙂

How many have you done?

I have done 15 from my online list and 25 from my paper list



What is your favourite thing you have ticked off your list?

Seeing polar bears in the wild in Alaska. I completed that in November 2014

That’s awesome, I’d love to see polar bears in the wild 🙂 

Least favourite thing?

Go snow skiing. I lasted about 10 minutes and then said Nuts to this. I was done and have no desire to do again. But at least I have tried it.

If you could only choose three things on your list to complete what would they be?

Visit Antarctica, stay in Tahiti for at least a month preferably in one of those over the water huts, become fluent in Spanish.


Do you think everyone should start a bucket list?

I do because it gives you a sense of direction with lifelong goals. Every year I pick 5-7 items from my list to focus on completely that year. Some are a stretch-goal items and some are easier to obtain. Without a list, how do you remember what you want to do?

What’s next for you?

After my Poland trip, I’m heading back to Alaska for 7 months. This coming fall/winter I’m hoping to complete my bucket list item of teaching English in a foreign country. I’ve done a few weeks of adult conversation volunteer teaching while in Poland but my bucket list item is for a paid position in a school.


Thanks for your time Tricia, and good luck with the list 🙂


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