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The Diamond Heist

The Diamond Heist at Escape Hour – Edinburgh, Scotland

Many years ago, Prince Nalwadi found the world’s largest diamond in the Rajastani desert. Both Prince Nalwadi and the diamond disappeared off the face of the earth soon after….

Bugsy The Hat, a world renowned jewel thief, reckons that he has discovered the secret location of the diamond and is planning an audacious attempt to steal the diamond. He is putting together an elite crew. Will you be accepted to join Bugsy’s crew and try to steal the Diamond. You will have to puzzle your way out of Prince Nalwadi’s secret chamber and into his hidden temple. 

With this being our seventh escape room, we thought we’d have it all figured out by now – but boy were we wrong!

This was the most challenging, well thought out and one of the more exciting games we have tried so far, and also the most useless we have ever been.  We escaped, but we needed far too much help and extra time (Thanks to Escape Hour for all the help).  Once you’ve made it through the first room, you then have to beat the lazer maze to get to the diamond – Super cool pretending you are a diamond thief for an hour!

Tips for future escape rooms:

  • Stop trying to figure out clues based on what you used in other escape rooms
  • Think outside the box
  • Remember to turn your brain on




Escape Hour also offer another room – Major Plott’s Revenge.

General Plott used to run the world’d best spy ring.  It was infiltrated and smashed by the Scottish Secret Service at their Edinburgh HQ.

He was demoted and sent to jail in Siberia but has escaped.  He has come back to the UK seeking revenge.  The secret service have him under surveillance at an office in Edinburgh but they need your help to find out what he is up to.  Can you rise up the challenge?  This escape game will test the spy skills of any budding secret agents out there.  If you can escape the room without any clues under 60 minutes, we will send your CV directly to MI5.  Only 10 teams have managed this feat so far. 

When you’re in Edinburgh make sure and head to Escape Hour.  Major Plott’s revenge is an easier room (which we should have gone for haha), or if you are looking for a challenge try the diamond heist.

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