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Camera Obscura

Enter a world of fun, magic and illusions. 

Camera Obscura, on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh offers 5 floors of fun.

  • Bewilderworld – includes a mirror maze and a vortex tunnel
  • Edinburgh Vision
  • Light Fantastic
  • The Magic Gallery
  • The Camera Obscura and The Rooftop Terrace.

The Camera Obscura show is a fascinating and highly amusing way to see the city and learn about its history. This unique experience has delighted and intrigued people for over 150 years. 

From inside this mysterious Victorian rooftop chamber, you see live moving images of Edinburgh projected onto a viewing table through a giant periscope. Pick people up on your hands, squash them to a pulp and even make the traffic climb over paper bridges.


camera obscura bucket list

The name ‘camera obscura’ comes from the Latin words meaning ‘darkened room’. The first record of the camera obscura principle goes back to Ancient Greece, when Aristotle noticed how light passing through a small hole into a darkened room produces an image on the wall opposite, during a partial eclipse of the sun. However, it may be much older than that. Stone age man may have used the principle of the camera obscura to produce the world’s first art in cave drawings.

Once you’ve watched the show, get lost in the mirror maze.  Hide from your family and friends, or see who can make it out first.

camera obscura bucket list edinburgh

Can you tell which one is the real me?

Some highlights for me were the mirror maze, sitting in a photo booth discovering what I will look like when I’m older, and the Illusions.   There are many hands on attractions and so much to see and do I’d recommend at least two hours there. Your ticket is valid all day long, so if you have somewhere else that you need to be, just get your hand stamped and return later on in the day.  It’s loads of fun for all the family!!


Camera Obscura is open seven days a week with the exception of Christmas day.  For more information click here.

Have you ever visited a Camera Obscura?

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