Completing my Bucket List

The Bungee Jump

Usually in the top ten on everyone’s bucket list.

This experience was the start of the massive change in my life back in 2013!  A large group of us booked in at Highland Fling Bungee at Killiecrankie, Perth just an hours drive away from home. The nerves didn’t kick in until we actually arrived.  We were harnessed up and headed up to the top of the platform.

I watched the first few make the jump.  Then it was my turn.  I remember a member of the staff telling me to give them a thumbs up when I was ready to go, but my brain couldn’t compute straight away.   It was as if it had switched off all together.  Then it was time to jump.

I’d never felt that much excitement before.  As I lay at the bottom dangling I looked up and gave the camera a big thumbs up.  Just slightly delayed!


Now I knew there were other things to feel apart from boredom and misery.  This is where my bucket list living started.

Is bungee jumping on your bucket list?


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