Completing my Bucket List

My Top Bucket List Items (so far)

With being three years into my bucket list I thought it was about time I summarised my top experiences so far.  In no particular order:

The Sky Dive – Vegas Extreme Skydiving


Zip Lining over alligators – Gatorland Orlando


The Golden Circle Tour in Iceland – Grayline


Facing my fears: Swimming with sharks, holding a tarantula and performing in public.

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The CN Tower Edge Walk – Toronto

Flying a plane – Cabro Aviation 


Whale Watching – San Diego Whale Watch


Visit Niagara Falls – Hornblower – Niagara Cruises 


Food Tours – A Slice of Brooklyn / Toronto Urban Adventures

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Taking a submarine to the bottom of the ocean – Atlantis, Cozumel, Mexico


San Diego Zoo


Being a “scarer” in a haunted house


Are any of these on your bucket list?

One thought on “My Top Bucket List Items (so far)

  1. Therie

    I love reading other people’s bucket lists and yours is particularly impressive! Taking a submarine, holding a tarantula, flying a plane?! I love your adventurous spirit!

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