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My Friendship Dating Ad

I’m a loner.  OK it’s out there.  Apart from spending time with my husband and family you will most often catch me spending time with myself.   Even though I’m happily married I still love a cinema visit for one as a chance to just be alone.  As an introvert it takes a lot of energy to spend time with other people, and I need to mentally prepare in advance for a social event.

Have you ever done a personality test before?  I always wondered why I felt like an outsider from a young age and after getting my result it makes so much sense. One year ago I took the test, Result: INTJ.  You can take the test and find out your personality type over at

INTJs – Friendships

INTJs tend to have set opinions about what works, what doesn’t, what they’re looking for, and what they’re not. These discriminating tastes can come across as arrogant, but INTJs would simply argue that it’s a basic filtering mechanism that allows them to direct their attentions where they will do the most good. The fact is that in friendship, INTJs are looking for more of an intellectual soul mate than anything else, and those that aren’t prepared for that kind of relationship are simply boring. INTJs need to share ideas – a self-feeding circle of gossip about mutual friends is no kind of social life for them. – Taken from 

Years ago I used to spend time in a big social circle, but things change, people change and you grow apart.  In the last few years I’ve met a few awesome people, and nearly every single one of them has moved to other sides of the world – typical! HAHA.  I now find it easier making friendships online with strangers than in real life.  With the internet you can filter Facebook groups to your interests and find people you have things in common with.

In real life I guess it’s a bit like dating.  You need to start getting out there to find people who match with you.  I wish there were dating apps for finding friends!

I’m trying to make a bit more effort this year by getting out more.  Who knows maybe I’ll find real friends one day, in the mean time no friends are better than fake friends 🙂

So anyone up for a friend date?

Here is my friendship dating ad:


27 year old, married female searching for friendship

Ideal friendship dates:
Dressing up at halloween (or any other times of the year) and scare the crap out of strangers. (organised events, not just in the streets – I’m not that weird)
Murder mystery nights
I’d like to give Larping a go
Fancy making a movie? (not a dirty one)
or even going to the movies.
I like food too – so meals are good
Maybe we could do some crafting whilst eating cheese and drinking tea..
Or a sky dive. Whatever

Worst idea of friendship date:
Going out on the drinking all the time
Talking about clothes, shoes, boys and make up
Anything super physical unless its fun – I ain’t running no marathon!

New life experiences

Bullshit and backstabbing
Fish served with the eyeballs still in
Loud noises

Ideal celebrity friend: Karl Pilkington

Looking for someone who can help push me out of my comfort zone of being an anti social b*stard, but who can appreciate sometimes I like to be on my own.
If you think this ad is lame then we wouldn’t make good friends.

What I bring in return to the friendship table is openness to try out fun and new things, no bullshit and fun times. I’m quick to respond to whatsapps also – super important.

Comes with: car, cinema pass, hot sauce collection, Xbox one, full set of own teeth and a good sized teapot.

If you think you fit the bill or fancy going on a friendship date get in touch

Thanks internet


oh p.s.

You’d need to be up for a Harry Potter party at some point..

7 thoughts on “My Friendship Dating Ad

  1. Kathy

    Love you’re hat-hate fish with eyeballs also!!! I was in England long time ago and waiter places my plate down before me and it is a fish starring back at me….UGH needless to say I don’t think I ate that night whilst others in surrounding tables acted like cannibals so only the carcass was left….I live in the USA so I don’t think we will be going to a movie and then dinner soon but I did want to respond-I hate shopping(esp. paying full price for clothes, I usually go to thrift stores to get shirts and pants . I love mushrooms just not the psychedelic ones, or the ones that could kill me LOL….I wish we had movie passes monthly like you do-I’d go every day….so I get my movies from the library (free)!! Today is my quit date for stopping cigarettes-it’s too expensive, bad for my health and even though I don’t smell it, it stinks….phew! I wouldn’t mind being a pen pal friend but sometimes I don’t check my emails for days!! I have over 12,896 approx. of emails and I can’t just purge them all because I refer to some of these emails and pics are in certain ones. Well I know I didn’t answer all of your questions #1 I have CRS (can’t remember shit) and two I have a lot of things to try and get done today. It was nice to get your message. by the way never took a test-don’t even know where I would find “The Test” but I do like to talk to complete strangers just to see their reaction and comment on certain things they might say, buy or whatever…most of my friends are men -girls are so backstabbing , come to think of it I really only have a few girlfriends. When I do make a friendship and open up that means a lot of trust is involved and unfortunately a few years ago I had a girl (friend) who started going out with a guy and she dropped me like a hot potato (that hurt so badly-so I really don’t try anymore! Cay sera sera… I think I spelled that right. Well I have to get started on other projects-wish we were closer distance wise. Hope you are having a great Monday and I bid you fare thee well until next time we chat.

  2. Sarah Rooftops

    Oh, me me me! This post cracked me up but also made me nod in agreement (except the bit about mushrooms – I’ll have yours). Also, I thought you were awesome when we finally met. 🙂

  3. Victoria

    I’m the same Laura, it seems as we get older you can spot the fakes much quicker and I really don’t have time for it. Finding friends as adults is hard as most want to sit and watch TV or drink 24/7 – boring. I love being around interesting people who have great motivation and personal goals.
    I would rather spend my Saturday nights cleaning the house and preparing for a great Sunday adventure with my fiancé then going out drinking wasting time and money.
    Like you I love trying new things so after my trip to Europe I decided to buy a bicycle keep fit, save money and see the world a bit more. never thought I would love my bicycle this much!

    If you fancy a date or trying something new it would be really cool to meet you.
    You have my Facebook if you can’t get me here xXx

  4. Yvonne

    Few months late in seeing your ‘date request’ but if you ever near the Peak District I’m always up for adventure.

    Genuinely thought I was the only one with the fish eye phobia!

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