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Robbing a Bank


It’s now a Lawson’s tradition to visit an Escape room everywhere we go, so our first night in Copenhagen we visited Timequest, situated right off beautiful Nyhavn.  This theme was “The Bank”

“Have you ever dreamt of being the main character in an action movie like mission impossible or Lara Croft? Robbing a Bank? Doing the perfect robbery? Now its your moment of truth. Do you and your team have what it takes. This is the last day before the exhibition in Copenhagen of the world’s largest known diamond “THE NORTH STAR” 11.500 Carat.The security guard is off to his 1 hour lunch. Hack and deactivate the worlds most advanced security system and steal the diamond. You have exactly 1 hour to complete this adventure mission.”

The Escape Room gods must have been on our side that night as we escaped with only one clue right near the end. Our personal best! I won’t give away any spoilers for the room as you’ll have to try it yourself.

Timequest also offer other rooms:

  • The Lab
  • Prison Break
  • Follow the Money
  • The Bomb

So when we return to Copenhagen I’ll make sure to try another.

One interesting thing I’ve not heard of before is the transportable Escape room for large events.

“We also have the possibility to offer our unique transportable escape game “Beat the box”. Here we can host groups of up to 200 at a time.  It all begins with a mysterious video message in which a chilling voice challenges the participants to a game. The different teams have only a predetermined amount of time to crack a special code, which stops the countdown.”

Now I just need to find 200 people to join in.  Are you interested?!



*This experience was provided by Timequest Copenhagen but as always all words are my own*


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