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You know you might have a slight addiction to escape rooms when you decide to nip to Sweden for the day just to try one out.  Sherlocked was the purpose of our trip from Copenhagen to Malmo.   The room we had booked was  “The Moriarty”

Professor Moriarty is known as Sherlock Holmes nemesis. According to the old legend that lived and spent Professor Moriarty in Malmo when he hid himself temporarily during the late 1800s and early 1900s. We believe we have found his old apartment, well preserved in one of Malmö’s oldest houses. Now we let you solve clues and traces he left behind long ago. But what got him to come here? What he did … and why someone seems to have planned a kidnapping? Who would be kidnapped? Solve the mystery and take you out of the room before the new owner shows up!

Sherlocked Escape Room

Check that time out. 49 seconds to go and we made it!! I’m happy with that.

From the moment you enter Sherlocked you feel like you’re in another world.  The entrance and waiting rooms are styled perfectly, and you find yourself looking around them to find clues.

The hosts play the parts very well!  The rules are explained to you before you are locked in your room.  One hour to escape – get going!

We did need quite a bit of help on this one, but with the clue TV on the wall, the Sherlocked staff never left us hanging around too long.  The clues were helpful, but not too obvious that it took all the fun away.

Sherlocked also offer two other rooms “Jack the Ripper” and “The Great Houdini”, which we’ll be back to try on our next visit.  Stick around after your Escape (if you make it out) to get your photo taken with your time.  We had a guest with us this time (Elf), but that’s a story for another time.


If you are visiting Copenhagen make sure to take the train trip to Malmo.  It’s worth it just for this experience!


*This experience was provided by Sherlocked, but as always all reviews are my own”

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