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Mystery Makers – Copenhagen

This was our TENTH escape room!  And we picked a great one to mark the occasion.  The Lab – at Mystery Makers

In The Lab you will find yourself in a secret laboratory. You are part of a mysterious experiment and have 60 minutes to crack all the codes and get out.


Unfortunately we didn’t escape this room, but if we had another 5 minutes I’m sure we would have.  One thing I loved about this room is how the clues were related to what you needed to find/open/solve.

Even though we didn’t escape we were greeted with a bottle of bubbly on being released (at 10am!) which was amazing!  I know what we did wrong and it wasn’t checking the room thoroughly enough for the clues, and just came across an important one in the last few seconds.

Mystery Makers also offer another room – The Killing Room

A serial killer is on the loose in Copenhagen. He has locked you up in his basement to test your instincts. Solve the puzzles to get out in time. You have 60 minutes…

This room sounds amazing also but requires a minimum of 6 to play, so gather your friends together and head along.

Mystery Room is created by Mystery Makers, the award winning event company behind “The Brewer’s secret” an exiting treasure hunt in the heart of Copenhagen.

*Thank you to Mystery Makers for this experience, as always all comments are my own*

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