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Secret Chamber – Geneva

I entered my 11th escape room at Secret Chamber in Geneva, Switzerland.  This time with my mum instead of David. As it was her first escape room she was unsure what to expect, and was worried we were going to be locked in a basement forever if we couldn’t get out!

A mysterious scientist lives in the XVIII century house at the Bourg-de-Four Square right in the centre of Geneva. It is rumoured that he possesses an exceptional relic – a precious stone that disappeared from the famous collection of the Duke of Brunswick in 1873. Your team is asked to collect evidences and reveal the truth.  You have only 60 minutes for your mission and need to escape before the scientist arrives.


This was one of the harder rooms I’ve tried so far – I think it was a mix of the large room and some of the more advanced puzzles and technology that I’ve came across.

As always, I can’t give away any clues or spoilers, but some of these puzzles actually seemed to be magic!

The Secret Chamber is hidden in the basement of an old house at Place du Bourg-de-Four 11. The entrance is located at the back side of this building at Rue Chausse-Coq, 23.

This game can be played in any language, but it is recommended at least one team member can speak English or French.


We didn’t make it out in the time limit, but were given some more time to figure our way out.   Mum loved her first escape room and I think she is addicted now.  She was happy to be let out at the end and has safely made her way home to Scotland.

You can booked your Secret Chamber experience by clicking here.


*This escape room experience was provided by Secret Chamber in exchange for a review, but as always all reviews are my own*

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