Completing my Bucket List

Some not so great travel experiences.

It’s not all five star hotels, cocktails on the beaches and adventures.  Sometimes some less than great things can happen on your travels.  Here I’ll tell you about my three worst experiences.

Number 1:  That’s not my bag!


After 20 plus hours travelling to Las Vegas for our wedding we finally made it to the hotel and started to unpack.  On opening our bright yellow case (which we thought was totally original) I asked my husband why he’d packed a leather jacket?  Then thinking, wait! he doesn’t own a leather jacket!  CRAP! It wasn’t our bag.

So we headed straight back to the airport in the hopes that the other person had left ours there, but nope! no sign of it.  We left “not our bag” at the airport and headed back to the hotel for the evening.  Luckily the other yellow bag owner hadn’t gone far, and by the next morning the airport had delivered the correct bags to our hotel free of charge! Wedding disaster over!

Number 2:  We’re going to die

We were nearing the end of our honeymoon in San Diego and had just finished a day shopping.  As we pulled onto the freeway we noticed the cars starting to pile up on the road so managed to get the breaks on in time and come to a halt.  Unfortunately for us, the woman behind us was on her phone and not paying attention, so behind I just heard this awful sound of tires burning on the road, and could tell she was away to hit us!   As the power of her car crashed into the back of us I genuinely thought we were going to die and let out an awful scream.   LUCKILY we were unharmed but the car was written off.

This is a perfect example of why you should take the full car insurance package.  We were so lucky we did and had upgraded to a bigger car, as I don’t even want to think what would have happened if we had been in the Fiat 500 we had originally booked.  We returned the car to the car hire and they switched it out within 10 minutes, no forms to fill in or anything.

Number 3: Take a picture of my ass, and F**k off 


Now at the time this wasn’t a funny story, but one week on I think it will be one of my favourite travel stories for a while.  My mum and I had just spent the morning up the top of Aiguille Du Midi in Chamonix, France and it was time to stop for some lunch.

Mum ordered some fish and chips and I ordered a burger.  After thirty minutes mums food arrived, 20 minutes later I was still waiting so decided to go up and find out where my food was.  Within a minute it came out.

Straight away mum said to me “That’s not cooked” but as I like my meat quite rare I thought I’d try it – To find out I was biting into uncooked mince in a bun.  I took it back and asked for it to be cooked, and a minute later they came out with the same burger.

As I’d been there for over an hour now I told them I didn’t want the food anymore and I’d just pay for my mums and our drinks.  This is when the chef/owner started shouting at me  “If you want your meat cooked you go to Mcdonalds” , he was super rude and as I didn’t have anything less than a 50 euro note on me I had to pay for both meals.

On the way out I decided to take a photo of the place so I could find them on trip advisor to review, but before I could, the same guy stormed out.  “You want to take a picture?”  Proceeds to pull his trousers down, bend over and say “Take a picture of my ass, and f**k off!”.

Now I realise now apparently it’s rude to return food in France, and they do cook their meat a bit different from us, but come on! That’s no way to treat anyone.

Turns out the place isn’t on Tripadvisor anyway so I can’t warn anyone about the chef’s ass.

I’m sure in the future I’ll have many more stories to share,  but that’s it for now 🙂

Do you have any bad/funny travel stories to share?

4 thoughts on “Some not so great travel experiences.

  1. Sarah Rooftops

    Ahhhhh! That last one!!!!!

    My less-than-dreamy travel stories are all basically “and then we spent our entire lives in an airport because of freak weather conditions”. Never go on holiday at the same time as me; I swear I’m cursed.

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