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The Secret of the 3 Pharaohs

The Secret of the 3 Pharaohs at Timescape in Geneva was my 12th Escape room.

We will send you in the beginning of the 20th century to take back the work of Hermann Toothroot.
This archaeologist disappeared as he was close to discover the secret of a pharaoh’s tomb.

Follow his tracks, find him and unveil the secret of the three kings.

You are sent back in time but you only have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape, otherwise you will be stuck there forever!  This was my mums second escape room and she seemed to be a lot more into it as she sort of knew what to look for and how to think.

You can play the game on different levels, we went for medium which gave us 3 clues which we could use whenever we wanted.  We did need a little more help than that though.  I have major appreciation for anyone who could complete this on hard!

As usual I won’t spoil any of the game as you need to try it for yourself, but some of the “contraptions” and puzzles were really advanced and a nice change from just locks and keys.   The layout and theme are excellent and you really feel like you are back in time in the middle of an adventure!  Some of the puzzles actually seemed magical.

The timer ran out before we could escape but we were given a little extra time to try find out way out.


Timescape is ideally situated behind Cornavin train station, near Parc des Cropettes. Trams, buses, trains are widely available in this central area of Geneva. You can visit easily from Lausanne or from the whole Lake Geneva region.

12 rue de Montbrillant
1201 Geneva
022 940 00 01

To book your experience head over to

*This experience was provided by Timescape but words are my own*

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