Completing my Bucket List

Bucket List Dining at the Adelphi Kitchen


The Adelphi Kitchen – Charcoal cooked meat and seafood.

Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon at the Adelphi Kitchen in Aberdeen.  I had been invited along to sample their menu with the lovely Aberdeen blogger ladies.

When we arrived we were greeted with cocktails (non alcoholic for me).


Apart from fish and chips from a “chipper” I’d never tried seafood before so this was going to be a new bucket list experience for me.   We began by working our way through the starters. First, out came some mussels.  They’ve always kind of scared me just by looking at them but I was going to try everything that came out – and I’m glad I did – I’m converted!


Creamy Garlic West Coast Mussels Cooked with Smoked Bacon & Cider

This was followed by some Crab, Lamb and Salted Cod (also all new foods to me).PhotoGrid_1463430623750

But my favourite had to be the Beef Rib – Mac’n Cheese loaded up with Slow Smoked Beef Short Rib – Crispy Shallots.   I could eat this every day! 13237628_1725122061033168_2556188451736491530_n

We then moved onto sample the mains which were splits into two dishes.  Seafood and meat.  The Tikka Halibut and short rib had to be my highlights.


North Sea Tikka Halibut, Crispy Sea bass fillet, langoustine and mussels


Short Rib and Steak

And then it was time for desert.  I actually couldn’t pick a favourite here and all three together on a plate would make the perfect desert.


Popcorn Pannacotta, Lemon Meringue Pie and Chocolate Mousse Cake

David and I had stopped going out for meals in Aberdeen as it has been a while since we had been excited eating somewhere.  The Adelphi Kitchen has changed my thoughts on Aberdeen dining and I will be bringing him along for one of their Taster Tray Tuesdays.

For a True Taste of all your favourites at The Adelphi Kitchen. Try our Tray serves 2 & includes.
Boneless Chicken Wings, Monkfish Scampi, Ak Mac, Dirty Steak, Pulled Pork, House Smoked Meaty Pork Ribs, Thick Cut Chips, House Pickles, Green Slaw, Onion Rings & Homemade Baked Bread.

I’ll also have to try out the Super Sunday.

Our weekly dirty carve will include 3 meats that have been dirty cooked in our charcoal pit or smoked long ‘N’ slow in our custom built smoker. Served with classic AK sides, sauces & bastes.


I’d normally only order the red meat on a menu, but after this experience I can now call myself a sea food lover.  If you are looking for fine dining in Aberdeen then the Adelphi Kitchen is the place to be.

Head on over to the website here to view the menu and read more about the Adelphi Kitchen.

Thank you to the Adelphi Kitchen for exciting my taste buds again, and restoring my faith in eating out in Aberdeen.


*Our meal was provided by the Adelphi Kitchen, but as always all opinions are my own*


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