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Our non traditional Wedding

Yesterday over on my Facebook page I shared a photo from our wedding day, which made me think it was time to write about our wedding.

We aren’t the most traditional of couples, and there was no romantic engagement, we just decided one day we were going to get married and bought a ring whilst in Orlando.


We already had our trip to Las Vegas booked for the year after so after some discussion about “maybe” having a wedding here we decided going away and having a little chapel wedding was right for us.  The average wedding in the UK costs £ 21,000 and there was no way we wanted to spend that on just one day!  So instead we booked the Little Chapel of Flowers after reading so many great reviews, and the process of booking online was so easy!   And after speaking to my parents and sister they booked their flights to come as well.

After that was sorted all that was left to do was to find a dress!

As someone who doesn’t wear dresses I thought this was going to be hard work!  But I explained to the shop (Perfect Bridal in Aberdeen) that I wasn’t looking for a traditional dress, and the second one they brought out for me was the one I picked – a three quarter length blue “House of Mooshki”.  I was uncomfortable with my weight when I went dress shopping so ordered the dress two sizes smaller and felt amazing on our wedding day when it fit.


As I don’t wear make up I had arranged for Leila from sin city beauty/Lei v agency to work her magic on me.

On the morning of the wedding a limo picked us up from our hotel (The Cosmopolitan) to take us to the chapel.


The ceremony was short but sweet, and we got exactly the end result we wanted – we were married.




After some photos along the Las Vegas strip my feet couldn’t handle any more so it was back to the hotel for feet up and some celebrating with cake and champagne.


Our evening was followed by an amazing steak at Vic and Anthony’s steak house in the Golden Nugget (our waiter Ben has to get a special shout out as his service will be remembered forever), then to see Zarkana – a Cirque Du Soleil show.

To continue celebrations the next day it was a sky dive for breakfast at Vegas Extreme Sky Diving, and a well deserved burger and spanking at the Heart attack Grill.

We loved our small wedding and decided not to have a party when we got home after.  Instead we spent the “party” budget on a champagne breakfast in the Grand Canyon with Papillon, a gun range, Disney California, San Diego whale watching tour, zip lining, water Jetpacks at Jetpack America and a back stage experience at San Diego Zoo including feeding a rhino.

To celebrate our one year anniversary last year we leaned off the CN Tower in Toronto, and to celebrate our two year anniversary this year we’ll be going on a whale watching tour in Vancouver with Prince of Whales.  I look forward to seeing how we celebrate in the future.

I’d love to see some photos of your wedding and how you celebrated, so please share 🙂

Love Laura x






2 thoughts on “Our non traditional Wedding

  1. Sarah Rooftops

    You look SO HAPPY!!!! And I love that dress. Totally with you on avoiding spending the equivalent of my (former) annual salary on one day, too – the big wedding would not be for me.

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