Completing my Bucket List

A life changing weekend

It’s been a while since I’ve written here but I’ve been keeping myself busy.

A few months ago I signed up for a challenge through Elevator UK., where all I knew was what I had read online;

On the Elevator Challenge 2016, your team building and leadership skills will be tested and developed through participation in physical and mental activities.

You’ll be tasked with problem-solving and idea development – using your communication skills and initiative to motivate yourself and team members through demanding and unfamiliar situations.

The aim is to get you out of your comfort zone – as you often will be in business. We will stretch your skills to the limit and inspire you to go the extra mile to achieve great results – not only on the Challenge but also throughout your career.

But that was it, no more information apart from a date and where we were going with a group of strangers for three days.

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We were picked up on the Friday morning in Aberdeen and headed out to Dounans Outdoor Centre.  Before arriving at the centre through, we were taken to the nearby forest and started our weekend straight away with some team building phsyical and mental challenges.  This was the part of the weekend when we were introduced to the midges!!

I ended up in an amazing team with Linden, Jordan, Snezhana and Szymon.  Each team was given their own egg to look after over the weekend.  It had to join you on ALL tasks, and be with you at all time.  Teams were awarded points on the Sunday evening if there egg made it through all three days.  Ours lasted 2 hours, (Whoops).

In the evening our teams were set two tasks; to built a catapult and a raft.  Our awesome catapult won the challenge, our less than awesome raft – did not.

Saturday afternoon featured one of my favourite things – heights!  We climbed trees, walked across beams, there was some archery involved and some great team work activities.

We celebrated in the evening with a BBQ and some beers and whiskey whilst we worked on our weekend team challenge: to build a boat and and present a business idea.  This was the point we were also told to be up and ready to get messy and wet at 6.30am on the Sunday! Ouch!

I was dreading it but it turned out to be one of my favourite activities of the weekend.  We were blindfolded and lead into the forest where we had to follow a rope through tunnels, tyres etc whilst being soaked and prodded by the Elevator team.  I bet they had an amazing time doing this – I know I would have.  You really needed to rely on your team mates for this activity.

Later that day it was time to judge our boats and present our team ideas.  Our boat may have looked the strangest but thanks to Lindens amazing skills we came first in the race!  I then faced my public speaking fears and presented part of our presentation to around 60 people!  This crosses public speaking off the bucket list.

As someone who doesn’t really spend a lot of time around strangers, or has a break from technology this weekend was much needed.   I met some amazing people with great ideas, some similar interests and realised I need other people around if I’m going to succeed with any future business plans I have.

I’d like to thank Elevator and all of the staff, Dounans Outdoor Centre, and everyone I met over the weekend for a great experience and the much needed motivation to get my arse into gear with some life goals.




“Elevator is a social enterprise dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurs, business leaders and employees of today and tomorrow. We do this by providing expert business advice, quality office space, and encouraging entrepreneurship and enterprising behaviour through a range of projects and events across Scotland.”

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