Completing my Bucket List

Aging like a fine wine (and wizard school)

Yesterday was my 28th birthday.  For some reason I’ve always had it in my head 28 was going to be a good year.  It’s never bothered me getting older, but maybe because I’m happier, more confident and good things are happening in my life. 

My sister shared this photo on my Facebook yesterday.  Which shows even as a little kid I didn’t know what I wanted in my life.  Did I want to be princess Jasmin or an old lady?  I obviously decided to be both. 


Which is the route I’m feeling my life is going down now.  I no longer feel I need to find just ONE career or hobby to chase, and I’m starting to work on many different projects for the future (in progress).

To celebrate being alive for another year, and being more confident, I did something I wouldn’t have done even one year ago, and thank the Elevator challenge for giving me the confidence to go ahead with – I’ve booked my first solo trip to the College of Wizardry in Poland for next year! 

I had seen the event advertised this year and couldn’t find anyone to go with, (understandably it may be quite hard to find people who want to wizard larp for four days in another country), but decided for next year if I couldn’t find someone, I was going alone.   So I paid my deposit and flights are booked.  I’ll be flying into Berlin to spend a day there, then four days at the “college”, where I’m sure I’m going to meet many amazing people from all over the world.


I’ll also be celebrating by heading to Amsterdam tomorrow, which is my 7th country this year. 

When I started my bucket list 4 years ago I was in a dead end job, still blaming bullies for the reason I had left school with no confidence etc, etc, and just four years later I’ve changed my whole life around.  I wouldn’t have expected things to turn out like they have.

Good things happen when you put the effort into your life and try new things.  So get out there and do everything you’ve ever wanted to do.

Happy bucket listing


Laura x

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