Completing my Bucket List


Last week I took part in G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S – The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.

As a team of 15 you have one week to complete as many tasks as you can (some totally ridiculous) – to spread fun, laughter, kindness and ridiculousness.

is a 7-time Guinness World Record breaking scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins that you can compete in from anywhere in the world (even from your own home!)..

Thousands of participants from more than 100 countries build their own teams with friends or are placed on 15-person teams (of new friends!) and for one week, through laughter, sweat and tears (of joy of course), they complete tasks (items) on a fun, inspiring and sometimes jaw-dropping scavenger hunt list. The team that scavenges the most items with the highest quality of submissions joins Misha Collins on an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic locale.

In my first GISHWHES, I’ve:


Provided a family with water for a year:

citizen gishwhes

Became a citizen of 2 micro nations


stormtrooper gishwhes

Taken a Stormtrooper back to the past


Imagined what I’d look like at 95

panda gishwhes

Made a panda from sanitary pads

beekeeper gishwhes

Advertised saving the bees as a bee keeper

zachary levi gishwhes

Got “Zachary Levi” to model some Zachary Levis


Tried to post myself to the other side of the world

mirror harry potter gishwhes

Looked into the mirror at what I see on the inside

alien prison gishwhes

and Taken an alien into prison


This year I was on a team of strangers from around the world, but I’d love to find a local team for next year so we could team up on some of the group challenges.

GISHWHES was a week of great fun, some strange looks, and slight disappointment that I don’t know that many people who are up for some weird.

Have a look through the photos and see if a week of fun sounds like something you’d be interested in for next year and get in touch  🙂


Thank you to:
Everyone on the Supernaturally Cool Team
Liam Matheson
Alison from Aberdeen & District Beekeepers Association
Peterhead Prison Museum (although they were unaware of an alien visiting)
The Aerican Empire for accepting me as a citizen
Westarctica for accepting me as a citizen

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