Completing my Bucket List

Learning Special FX Make up

As someone who doesn’t wear make up on a daily basis, I’m pretty useless with a mascara and couldn’t tell you what bronzer looks like.  I have the tiniest make up bag for special occasions (weddings, work nights out) but have a whole suitcase full of face paints and special fx make up.

I’ve been practicing a little bit this year but will continue to do so, and hope to pick up some great prosthetics and make up on our trip to the USA and Canada next month.


This is my favourite look so far – Lorne from Angel.  This took around 90 minutes to complete including the prosthetic horns.


This half zip face was used when I was working in a haunted house last Halloween.  It was one of my first attempts at using latex and sparked my interest in using make up instead of masks for Halloween.


This was a pretty lazy attempt at a vampire I did for a short video I created.  I had to say what I would do if I won the prize money.  My answer was to go on a special effects make up course as they are very expensive!

Unfortunately I can’t find any short courses in the UK that are less than a few weeks long so I’ve been resorting to using YouTube tutorials, with a favourite of mine being Pinkstylist.

Next on my to do list is to practice with bald caps then make my mind up what I’m going to be this Halloween in Haddo House Horror to scare people again.



Do you have any suggestions as what I should go as?

Do you have anyone else you recommend I follow for inspiration?

Is learning special effects make up on your bucket list?

special fx scar

Don’t worry, it’s not real

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