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“Follow Your Dreams” and Dream Jobs

It’s so easy to tell people to follow their dreams, and I guess it’s “easy” enough for some people to follow them.  But what if you don’t know what your dreams are?

I know what I want to do on my bucket list.  Clearly – it’s online for everyone to see.  But still Monday-Friday I go into a job that pays for my house, travels, bills etc but doesn’t leave me happy or satisfied.

As I type this post up right now I’ve had a terrible day (as usual) at work, and would much rather be sitting in my bed, eating pizza, watching TV and doing nothing productive.  Instead I figured it’s a perfect time to maybe get some thoughts out and think about the future.

There are four things that interest me right now:

  1. My Blog
  2. Escape Rooms
  3. Scaring people at Halloween
  4. Special FX Make Up

Now scaring people at Halloween can obviously only be done at Halloween, and I’m new to Special FX make up so would be a very long time away at gaining any work in doing that.  SO! That leaves two things I’m interested in.  But how do I make a living out of them?!

Then you have the doubt at the back of your head.

“I can’t give up my salary to not know how much money I’d bring in”

“What if things didn’t work out?”

“How will I pay the bills?”

These are all, obviously, very sensible doubts to be having.

I’ve recently started looking into other people who have followed their dreams.  I came across Steve Feltham.  He’s a full time Loch Ness Monster hunter and sold his house to dedicate his life to hunting Nessie.

Another thing that came up in Scotland is working in the Edinburgh Dungeons, which I totally agree would be an amazing job! Scaring people all day.

You could become a mermaid in Weeki Wachee, Florida.

A Stunt Man, Astronaut, Games Designer, Ice Cream Taster, Party Planner, Full Time Blogger, Film Maker, Movie Star.

But instead so many of us (including myself), are spending a third of our lives miserable doing something that we don’t love.

How do we change it?!




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