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How I Plan My Travels

Spreadsheets and polypockets aren’t the most glamorous of things, but when I’m heading off on a two week adventure there’s nothing I love more than planning out our trip.

Obviously we first pick a destination; change our mind a few times.. then finally decide where we’re going to head off to.  For a trip two weeks or over we like to book ahead at least 9 months in advance.

Next it’s flights.  I’m a fan of British Airways for long haul, but will always have a check on Skyscanner to see if there are any cheaper (but similar) alternatives.

Then onto the hotels.  This is where Tripadvisor and come in handy.  As a lover of nice hotels we usually filter to at least a 4 star.  Narrow down the places we like the look of, read the reviews on TripAdvisor then make a decision.  I will contact the hotel direct to see their best price, but occasionally find it cheaper to book through a third party like or Expedia.

Once everything is confirmed we have a few months break, until around 6 months before the trip.  That’s when I like to start planning out our days and the Excel spreadsheet gets started!


My favourite go to sites for finding things to do are or Tripadvisor again.  After deciding exactly what we want to do it’s time to book the tours/trips and get the tickets printed off and into a folder in day order (how organised!).

A few weeks before we leave is where I start finalising details.  Checking hotel bookings are confirmed, passport detaills are registered with the airline, and then most importantly looking up places to eat in the area.

It’s now only 15 days til we head off on our 16 day adventure from San Francisco to Vancouver and we’re officially all set!


Do you plan your trips in advance?

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  1. Victoria

    I use for booking tickets, you should have a look, click non-agent then browse.
    And you won’t like flying with BA when you try united emirates flights so comfortable xXx

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