Completing my Bucket List

Zip Lining Over Alligators

When I first added “Zip Lining” to the bucket list, I expected to do something a little less crazy than doing it over a pit of hungry alligators – But where is the fun in that?! 

It’s called the “Screamin’ Gator Zip Line” and can be found at Gatorland, Orlando, Florida.  I actually came across it whilst searching for deals on Groupon.

We were on holiday with David’s parents and sister at the time so they all joined us to the park. His parents decided to give the zip lines a miss though.

David, Susan and I headed along to get out kit on before starting the zip line course.

It started with a few small zip lines then onto the main event.

The zip line over a pit of hungry alligators.

I have to say there was no fear with this one. The staff at Gatorland were so professional, funny and great company, I’m sure they’d have put even mum at ease on this one.

Is Zip lining over alligators on your bucket list?  If not I’d suggest adding it 🙂

Happy bucket listing.

Laura x


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