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Escape From Alcatraz

Picture yourself and your team handcuffed in a cell.  You have one hour to escape before the guards get back.  It’s time to escape Alcatraz!

When deciding which escape room to try in San Francisco, “Escape from Alcatraz” stood out to me straight away.

In its 29 years of operation, there were 14 attempts to escape from Alcatraz prison involving 36 inmates. Succeed and add your name to the list of successful attempts!

You will find this escape room at EscapeSF on Kearny Street.

For my 13th Escape room, David and I were taken into our cell and handcuffed to a railing.  We had one hour to get free, out of our cell, and to escape Alcatraz.  Did we manage it?


Yes we did!  With just over 10 minutes to spare.

The design of this room actually felt like we were locked inside a prison, and the rooms we had to find our way out of made you feel like you were actually in Alcatraz in the past.  The puzzles were imaginative and involved team work for a few of them.

We did have to ask for two clues on this one, but the more rooms we try the better our teamwork becomes and we aren’t shouting at each other every five minutes haha!

EscapeSF also offer two other rooms: Escape from the antique room, and Blind Tiger.

Each game has a goal: you may have to return a stolen painting, escape from Alcatraz, or beat a mafia clan. It’s a piece of cake! You only need to figure out where to begin, find the right items or clues and use them correctly, solve few puzzles and all of it in under an hour.

Each game has a story behind it. There are no clear instructions or instructors; the room communicates with you, shares its secrets and sets up your final goal. You are the hero, and the hero is you!

When you’re visiting San Francisco, why not make a day out of Alcatraz?  Visit the Island they try escape from prison at Escape From Alcatraz.


**Our experience was complimentary, but as always all reviews are my own**


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