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Sherlock’s Secret with Escape Games PDX

Escape room number 15!  Officially half way through my 30 escape rooms before 30.

This was a whole new experience for us.  In all the previous rooms I’ve tried it’s always just been myself and one other, so I was interested to see how it would work out with a team of eight (six strangers).

Out of the three rooms Escape Games PDX offer, we decided to try Sherlock’s Secret.


You’ve been called in to help an infamous but now kidnapped detective and his assistant, a Mr. Watson, has asked for your assistance in recovering a missing artifact and using it to barter a deal to release the hostage. It might feel elementary but you will only have 60 minutes to discover all the hidden clues in Mr. Holmes’ library and help him escape, for if you fail, you will both be trapped forever!

Escape Games PDX also offer Portlandia and Prison Break.

Working in a larger team was so much easier!!! We split into small groups and searched everywhere.  Figuring out what each other’s strengths were, someone would be called over if we needed their help.

The room was large with many clues and puzzles. I don’t think there would have been any chance the two of us alone would have been able to complete this!  But with the 8 of us working together we escaped with just minutes to spare!  Our screams of excitement were heard all the way at reception.


Escape Games PDX is a fun, exciting and challenging interactive escape game that you can challenge with friends, family, and co-workers. You have 60 minutes to work together: find the clues, crack the code and solve the puzzle to win! Switch up your date nights, show your out-of-town friends a great time, have the best birthday party memory or celebrate your upcoming wedding with a uniquely awesome bachelor or bachelorette party!

Escape Games PDX will have you enthralled with creative puzzles, unique challenges, and cool ciphers which put your wits to the test. Are you game?

I wish I could go in to details of the escape rooms I try but that would take away from all of the fun and excitement of your own experience.

I’m really glad we’ve now experienced a group escape room, and I look forward to trying another one in the future.

To book your escape room experience head on over to 

Thank you to Escape PDX for hosting us, and for our first experience of a group escape 🙂





*our entrance was complimentary but as always words are my own**

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