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Breaking Into An Art Gallery with Guess HQ

I guess one of the things I love most about escape rooms, is that for the time allocated you are someone else for a bit.  From being a prisoner or a spy, anything is possible for that time.  Guess HQ offer another experience for you.

Guess HQ don’t call themselves an Escape Room, instead they are Adventure Rooms.  Before you even enter the building you have a task (this will be explained once you make your booking). You are then welcomed into the building and will be advised what is about to happen.


Out of the rooms they offer we decided to try The Heist.

An evil, eccentric billionaire constructs a personal showroom for his art collection here in Vancouver, and now that he’s gone we have a chance to undo his dark legacy. This elaborate heist requires an elite group of operatives who can bypass security and remove a powerful stone from under everyone’s noses. Quickly! Before the Vancouver Police Department arrive…



  • Hack digital security panels throughout the museum.

  • Detect and dodge the laser security system.

  • Break into The Vault.

This was the fourth “escape room” we were trying on this vacation, and after escaping the previous three we were feeling pretty confident in ourselves.

Well that lasted the whole of 5 minutes once we saw what Guess HQ had in store for us.

David and I rarely argue when we’re trying to solve these puzzles but he was getting a little grumpy on this occasion, as we kept setting off the sensors and cameras in the art gallery.

The room time is a little shorter than we are used to with only 45 minutes to escape.  But even if we had 3 hours there was no way we were getting out of here.

We were too used to the lock and key games that our minds just weren’t ready for the excitement and mystery inside the Heist.

To find out what I’m talking about head over to to book your experience.


Thank you to Guess HQ for introducing us to a new generation of “escape games” and we hope to be back in the future to try escape one of your other rooms.





*Our game was complimentary, but as always all opinions are my own*



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