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A Wedding Anniversary to Remember

To celebrate our wedding anniversary David and I always like to do something we’ll remember. We booked in on a whale watching tour with Price of Whales whale watching..

Unfortunately no whales were seen but it was still a day to remember.

The tour we had booked in on was “The Ultimate Day Tour”.  This includes a four hour whale watching tour to Victoria, access to Butchart Gardens, then your return back to Vancouver.

The weather that day wasn’t great, but the tour was still going ahead.  We checked in at 8am for our 8.30 departure.


With a 90% chance of seeing whales I have to admit I did have my hopes up.  Around an hour in we passed some small islands where we spotted some eagles.

We were sitting on the open section of the boat when the waves started coming over the edge. Pretty soaked we decided to head inside.  Then things got bumpy!! Very, very bumpy.


Everyone started holding onto the handrails as we went through the waves, at one point they were even coming over the top of the boat.  I have to admit I was pretty damn scared (with a small amount of excited) The boat went silent with everyone worrying what was going to happen. It did cross my mind we may even go overboard.

The staff on board did their best to keep everyone calm, and once things calmed down they let us know, that if they had known the weather was going to be like this, we wouldn’t have gone out. One of them said they’d never gone through anything like that in the whole time they worked there.

All further tours for the day were cancelled.

We cut the whale tour short and headed straight to Victoria.  Disappointed we had seen no whales, but grateful we were there safely.

One we arrived at Victoria we headed to get a pub lunch to warm up straight away.  We then headed to the famous Butchart Gardens.   The floral gardens are one of the most popular places to visit in Victoria.

When it was time to return to the boat, we were speaking to a few of the people who were with us on the way.  A lot of them were nervous about getting back out in the sea.  Fortunately our two hour trip back went smoothly.

Even though we had the bad experience out at sea, Prince of Whales staff did everything they could to make the best out of a bad situation.  With their no whale guarantee you have the chance to go back and try again.  It was our last day in Vancouver though so we missed out this year.

If you come out with us during our peak season, from early May through the end of October, and do not see whales on your first attempt, we guarantee you a free trip aboard the same vessel you travelled on.

Additionally, if you do not see whales on your second tour, you are free to continue to come back as many times as you like until you see whales! This offer is a lifetime guarantee, but is non-transferable.

Please don’t let my experience put you off though.  When it comes to nature and weather, nothing is guaranteed.

To book your tour, and hopefully be in the 90% who get to see the whales, head over to 








*Our tour was complimentary, but as always all opinions are my own”

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