Completing my Bucket List

30 before 30 list – revised

14 months ago I wrote my 30 before 30 list.  But a lot can change in that time so I’ve made some changes 🙂

1: Start my own business

2: Learn Photoshop

3: Get an article published

4: Take a photography course

5: Write a book

6: Create a rube goldberg machine

7: Do 30 days of something

8: Enter a food competition

9: Be debt free

10: Go to a cooking class

11: Go to a Krampus festival

12: College of Wizardry

13: Have professional photos taken

14: Create 30 hand made items

14: Re-watch all Buffy the Vampire Slayer

15: Visit at least 10 countries (Mexico, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Spain, The Netherlands, USA, South Africa, Greece, Romania )

16: Be an extra in a film/television

17: Try 30 Escape Rooms (17/30)

18: Get sponsorship for

19: Try 30 different costume make up looks

20: Experience Virtual Reality

21: Get back to my wedding weight

22: Learn survival skills

23: Learn first aid

24: Have savings

25: Learn to play a song on an instrument

26: Design an Escape Room

27: Run an event

28: Climb Ben Nevis

29: Take part in random acts of kindness

30: Make a stop motion movie


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