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8 Things to add to your Halloween Bucket List


It’s 16 days til Halloween, my favourite holiday of the year.  I tend to make my Halloween celebrations the whole month of October, not just the one day.  Here are my bucket list Halloween items:

Go to a Haunted House


Instead of the most popular October drink (Pumpkin Spice – which is awesome), try another Halloween Drink.  I went for Vampire Brew, Blood Red Hot Chocolate.


Carve A Pumpkin.  I’m still to do this with the real thing.  But with items from Hobbycraft I created this pumpkin vase.  Using a foam pumpkin, glue and glitter.


Create a Halloween Wreath.  Wreath’s aren’t just for Christmas anymore.  I used a foam wreath circle from Hobbycraft.  An old jumper to wrap it in, and a glue gun (be careful with these), spiderweb (not real), and a spider (not real).


Be a scarer in a haunted house.  If going to a haunted house isn’t your thing, maybe being on the otherside of it is for you.  This is my all time favourite thing to do at Halloween.


How about a Halloween Escape Room?  You can find some across the world in many different horror themes.  Vampires, zombies, ghosts.


Bling up something scary.  Here I used a foam skull from Hobbycraft, a glue gun (be careful), glitter and gems.  This took a few hours but I’m super happy with the result and will leave it out on display in my study all year round.


Make your Halloween decorations, don’t buy them.  Instead of having all the same stuff as everyone else, head to your local craft store and make your own decorations.   You can use your own imagination and be as creative as you like.  My local Hobbycraft store is over two floors, and I can spend hours in there browsing.  This mask was made using one of their card masks, decoupage glue and paper, spiderweb and a spider.



What’s on your Halloween bucket list?



**Some of these items were provided by Hobbycraft, but all words are my own**




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